Meine Pilzhäuser:

Man benötigt für diese Bastelei Pappe, Holzleim, einen Ballon, Heißkleber, einen Mixer oder einen Pürierstab und Farben. Ich habe Acrylfarben benutzt.

Video von Creative Mom:

Hier die englische Anleitung, die man auf YouTube unter dem Video findet:

DIY Mushroom Fairy House Lamp Using a Balloon

Hi, in this video tutorial I show you how I made a mushroom fairy house lamp using a balloon as a base, some cardboard for the paper clay and colors. This is a creative way to teach children about recycling and also stimulate their imagination. I started by making the paper clay from the cardboard. It is really easy to make because we only use two ingredients: cardboard and P.V.A. glue (polyvinyl acetate glue, commonly referred to as wood glue, white glue, carpenter's glue, school glue, Elmer's glue in the US). I used an old blender to make it really smooth. I tear the cardboard to pieces and place them in the blender. I add hot water over the cardboard pieces and start the blender. When it looks like a homogeneous mix I squeeze the water out trough a sieve. You should squeeze as much water as you can. I then add the glue. I used about three tablespoons of P.V.A. glue in the mix you saw, but you should add one spoon at a time and mix it to see if it has the consistency you want, and keep adding glue until the paste is the way you want it to be. The next step is covering the balloon in a thin layer of paper clay. After the paper clay is dry I cut the piece in half to make the top and the bottom of the mushroom. I used some cardboard toilet paper tubes to make the connection between the two pieces. They have just the right size and shape. I draw the windows and door and cut them out. I glue some cardboard details like little roofs over the windows and a small chimney. I covered all the new elements with paper clay and let them dry. After it was dry I sanded the surface a little bit. I painted the mushroom fairy house using acrylics and watercolors. I started by making the whole mushroom white using acrylic paint, then I added layers of watercolors. I placed some battery operated LED lights under the mushroom house so it looks awesome as a night light.

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